Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fashionista - WiP

Work in Progess.

Haha, me fashionista. I actually think this statement is hilarious. I'm moving house, again. My life is in boxes. Again. Or splattered over my bed like a clothing grenade just gone off. My clothes are not in a wardrobe they are in two boxes (which makes a difference from 3 full ones). I have one box for t-shirts and jeans and one for dresses and skirts. I started taking pictures of my clothes but got bored.

...Oh my boxes are 80 litres...

...I know.

So, I've been looking for a wardrobe. I can't decide whether I want a spruced up shiny shiny one that is slightly expensive (eventually) or one of the cheaper ones from Argos. They have a 3 door one which I think I'll need. :) But with wardrobes comes coat hangers... and coat hangers, let's be honest are helpful but the bane of anybody's life, and you can't deny it. You add up all the hangers and you're still short of a skirt one, or you need one for a pretty shirt you don't want to spoil but all you've got are the rubbish ones that can barely hold a tie never mind your shirt. Then there's the decision of whether to hang up your t-shirts or fold them into your drawers, but if they are in your drawer you can't see the ones at the bottom and then you end up mix-matching and looking like you've just gotten out of bed.

See my woes?

I am trying to find some sort of closet tidy thing that holds a lot of clothes but still lets you see them all so you can work out what you have and what you don't need. And I'm looking for a shoe tidy to push under my bed but I won't get started on one of those... I have 4 drawers full of shoes, and some downstairs on the shoe-rack. Hmm...


  1. As you can imagine, I am a nightmare with where to put my clothes and sharing with Jared really isn't fun at all, even though I take up two thirds of the space. If you need any help on storage solutions let me know, when we bought our little house I had to think of some quick to fit everything in, still not there yet though haha, but Ikea has helped an awful lot.

    C x

  2. Thanks Chloe,

    I'd love to have you round once I get myself settled a little. I'll show you the clothes and the space they need to fit into. It's amazing how women work so many clothes into such tiny spaces sometimes. A trip to ikea will definitely be needed :) I love their storage space ideas, and the fact that they know people don't always live in HUGE spaces :) xx

  3. Now girls you could always have less clothes - oh what a suggetsion - the shame of it lol xx