Sunday, 10 July 2011

Slow Sunday

My internet seems to be having some sort of weird attack or something. It has taken me about an hour to try and post, how's that for dedication? Or rather desperation, since I haven't posted since Wednesday!? I would have an excuse but I really don't. I just got lazy and kept saying "I'll do it later", then 'later' I was asleep. Oh well, sincere apologies everyone.

Today was really sweet at church, a little random and different to my usual Sunday's but it's nice to have a change for once. Church seemed to be really quiet... either that or everyone just sat at the back like little school kids all trying to be the coolest. Sacrament was really lovely and we had some really nice *cough* long *cough* talks.

I only have two girls in my class now! It's gone from potentially five, to two! Oh dear. But nevermind. Those two are complete rascals and could make up for the loss of the other three! The thing is, when they are being naughty or a little mischevious I can't be mad at them because they are just too cute so I laugh at them. My boyfriend thinks I will eventually be a stern mother, but to be honest I seriously doubt it. I just think little people are too cute to be annoyed at.

My lesson today was about loving our brothers and sisters, and showing them we love them by helping them. But apparently my class don't love their siblings (obviously joking) and don't help them at all. Hope told me that when her baby brother cries she gives him a hug but then he pushes her away, but we got to the point of the lesson in the end.

Emily and I were invited over to Hazel's house, our Relief Society President's house. It was really fun as most of the other YSA were there too. So 10 of us were crammed around a table, that includes a little man about 18 months, he was an honorary YSA. Even though there wasn't loads of food, we all still got fed and full on it. Including gorgeous cake! We all love cake. We'd have gone out somewhere in the evening, like Oakwell Hall but the weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do. Typically British then.

Back to work tomorrow. Have a good week everyone. I will hopefully have news of my house by tomorrow! FINGERS CROSSED!

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