Monday, 25 July 2011

Cold in Summer

I don't have hayfever and I am not really allergic to anything, that I know of. So why oh why do I have a cold in SUMMER?! I mean it shouldn't be called a cold if it's not even brought on by the cold. Being cold probably doesn't probably help when trying NOT to get a cold. It should be called by its proper term, 'viral infection' or otherwise known as 'stupidly-annoying-inconvenient-viral-infection'. Because, let's face it, there has never been a time I can remember that a cold (aka viral infection) has ever been convenient.

It's not so bad today though. I think I've passed my germs on to my sisters, my collegues at work and my boyfriend, so maybe the viral infection will think I've shared my germs enough and will go away! :)

Hm, the idea of moving into my own place still hasn't dawned on me yet... but I'm sure it will; after everyone leaves at the end of the weekend. Me does love my house though. I'll definitely post pictures! Before it's homely and a few months down the line, like christmas time.... where hopefully it'll be really homely.

I have no fashion sense at the moment as I am living out of boxes. I had a fun weekend at Adam's it was brill (as he put it). We enjoyed a lovely evening BBQ celebration for him and his brothers birthday and we set off some chinese laterns AARRGGHH!! So cool. Then, Saturday, we went into Durham. But I shall be posting pictures when I remember to get some off Adam. :)

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