Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Pleasant Peasant Skirt

I've been trying to find a pattern everywhere for a really good long gypsy skirt. I've also tried to convice my mum into helping me with the sewing machine so I can make the skirt myself. I can use a sewing machine easily, but it'll be my first time making a skirt in a long while and plus... it's a lot of work and why not.

Mum said I didn't need any more gypsy skirts but to be honest in the Summer heat, you can never have too many and the benefits of making one yourself is that you can choose the colours and the length. I find that most the skirts I buy these days are too short, or even worse too long! Plus if I make a skirt with all my colours in it then I can't possibly moan about not having anything to wear it with. I think it'll be a July project though because of lack of funds, even after I've budgeted!

I have three long gypsy skirts, one is white with blue patterns (mostly flowers), one is like an auburn/maroon/chocolatey colour is all I can describe it as with patterned ruffles at each tier then I have a green one that goes from a turquoise green at the bottom to a mint green at the top. But I haven't seen those skirts in ages and who knows whether they'll even fit my big bum anymore! That's also the plus side of making your own... they fit you exactly. No worrying about the size or anything like that.

The amount of material I'll need for each layer won't cost me that much either! I might challenge myself to buy materials for the skirt that cost less than an actual skirt but we'll see. I really hope so. I love gypsy skirts and the way they flow and you can still wear them in winter!

This could go horribly wrong but wish me luck! Who know's I might start making them for other people if mine turns out 'okay'.


  1. Where'd you find the first green one?

  2. Hey,

    I found it on my Pinterest account when I typed in 'gypsy skirts'. I've been looking for the pattern for it online for a couple of days though x