Saturday, 11 June 2011

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

I first came across this artist when I was studying GCSE Art. We had to research an artist and do some work in their style; I liked him so much I did my final piece in the same style.

I think what I liked so much about Mackintosh's work is the fact that it is so versatile. I've seen it on a lot of things, ranging from large large artwork pieces to furniture to small jewellery. In fact, I only realised once I'd started studying him that we had a small door window at the back of the house in the same style.

Maybe a lot of people have his work copied around their houses and don't even realise it!

He looks a lot like Charlie Chaplin, maybe it was just the moustaches of the era. Anyway here is some of his millions of pieces of work and I'll just give you a quick blurb from Wiki, because we can all go look on Wiki at who he is but why need to if I can give you some info here.

He was a Scottish artist and designer, which is why he is more famously known for his artwork based around furniture and was one of the main exponent's of the Art Noveau era, which is an era I really love. His work is most famously based around the rose and other well known flowers.

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