Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Loves - Polyvore

I'm actually in love with this website (Sorry Adam) because it is just A-MAZE-ING. It makes me look like a slight sign of fashion sense. It is a brilliant website. I think it works by bringing all the clothes from all of the shops online (or at least a lot of the shops online) and categorizes them. Then you mix and match until you find your perfect mix. Only problem with having a fashion sense matching the one on the website, I need to have a money tree that matches it! But seriously, I have an outfit that is very similar to this one, just without the green top or the gorgeous bangles.

Scroll to the bottom for more information on where to find polyvore collages.

My Loves

My Loves by Gbbayb featuring a silk skirt

Lilly Pulitzer beach top
$78 -

TopShop green tank
$12 -

Jonathan Saunders silk skirt
$753 -

Lanvin ballet shoes
$347 -

Givenchy logo tote bag
€1.249 -

Gold jewelry
$188 -

ASOS flower jewelry
£16 -

Wet Seal woven belt
$4.99 -

Go check it out. It's

You can either sign up and create your own 'fashion collages' or you can just browse the ones other people have already put up.

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