Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Audio Books Vs the Real Thing

I downloaded a few audiobook app's onto my iPhone, why have one when you can have a few and I must admit I did kinda cheat a little bit with The Picture of Dorian Grey. I stuck it on, for free, on my iPhone. I think because it's an old book it was a free one.

I do like audio book, mainly because I'm a bit lazy sometimes but I find it harder getting into an audio book than I do actually reading it myself, turning the pages or rather sliding my finger across my iPhone screen to turn the pages, for some reason makes it easier to trap me into the world of Dorian Grey. I guess it's for a few reasons really; mainly being that I kind of drift off into some sort of day dream when I'm listening to audio book and before I know it a few chapters have gone by and I'm completely lost with what is going on. Another thing with audio book is you may have to at some point pause it in the middle of a chapter, and when you come back to it you're kinda lost. Whereas, with a book you read to the end of the chapter (unless that's just me?).

On the other hand, audio book is handy. It doesn't have to be a big book, you just slip it in your pocket and you can listen to it on the move. Audio gives the characters a voice, so I guess you need to use less imagination; especially if the person doing the reading is absolutely fantastic... like Stephen Fry for the Harry Potter series. So, I can't really decide which is better but I do find that I haven't actually read a page of The Picture of Dorian Grey since this time last week and I've listened to more, but I haven't actually got a clue of what has happened in the last 4 chapters I've listened to.

Most of the recordings I listen to are LibriVox recordings. By normal people, or normal voices rather, not a computer.

On a different note, I had a driving lesson today and I honestly believe that the rain brings out all the idiots. Either that or the rain makes people forget how to drive. Oh, and I'm useless at reversing around a corner, but I'm working on it. Watch this space.

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