Saturday, 25 June 2011

Life's Little Surprises

I used to think I didn't like surprises because I really nosey and want to know everything but to be honest, if I didn't know it was happening then I couldn't badger someone into telling me everything so I totally think surprises should be kept a total secret. In fact, don't even tell me "I've got a surprise for you" because chances are I'll either guess myself to death until I figure it out or I'll get it out of you eventually.

Surprises, don't you just love them?
This evening Bethany and I went to ASDA to pick something up and decided that the weather is so gorgeous that we'd go through Bowling Park (usually off limits in the evening due to it being 'slightly' dangerous), and when we entered we heard music coming from the bottom fields. Me being me, I ran down the hill and stopped at the field where there was a fair! I love fairs! I couldn't go to this one though because I don't have any money but I do know there is another one in Lister Park from 2nd-10th July so I'll have money then. And I love fairs.

Then as we wandered back through the park and found the usual park apparatus, swing, slide, monkey bars (that both Bethany and I are too big for) we came across an awesome rope swing and a little trampoline that holds both mine and Bethany's weight! So we were jumping around and making videos of the rope swing. It's honestly really good exercise, we're thinking of going back tomorrow. I love little surprises and the weather is great too; always something to smile about.

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