Monday, 6 June 2011

Five Fabulously Fun Days

I've been a terrible poster the last few days or so.

I blame it on being in Newcastle and Sunderland. I think I'm allergic to desk tops, or rather desktops that aren't mine (I'm fine using the desktop at work). I was going to post when I was up in the northern lands but I just didn't get round to it Thursday, Friday, Saturday... Oops. Apologies. I had an awesome time up in Newcastle and Sunderland though, and they are two new places I've been this year (about time my list got longer, it's been looking a bit shabby recently).

I've been relaying my five fabulously fun days to my mum and kept getting things mixed up in my brain but hopefully I'll remember stuff correctly on here; plus I have pictures to back up my brain. I never realised how handy it is to have a camera on your phone until I got the iPhone (all the cameras on my phones before this one have been poor so I haven't used them). But with the iPhone the pictures are just the right size for blogging with.

1. Travelling, Quizzing, Watching, Laughing, Sleeping
2. Walking, Picnicing, Shopping, Restauranting, Dancing
3. Lazying, Wandering, Day-Dreaming, Munching, Gawping
4. Chilling, Tubing, Following, Strutting, Collapsing
5. Singing, Chatting, Listening, Praying, Sharing

Busy 5 days if I must say so myself. I'm just glad I got some photographic proof of how much fun we had!

Wednesday I was travelling all the way up from Bradford to Newcastle. Adam picked me up and we went to meet his parents who were quizzing in the pub (I think it's a family tradition). One of the questions was something like 'Name top ten items in a woman's handbag' and apparently 'Phone' wasn't on it?? I mean what kind of joke is that?! Then we went watching a film it was 'The Hangover 1' which we were obviously laughing at, I was so tired so the best thing to do was to start sleeeping.

Thursday was fun. It was a beautiful day so we went walking up Penshaw Monument (I think that's what it is called). I got some cute pics of Adam and I up there but the steps were like a mountain to climb. His mum made us a gorgeous picnic so we went picnicing in style at Herrington Park, which is huge! Then we kinda went shopping, can't remember what we bought. We went restuaranting in Frankie and Benny's with one of Adam's friends, Lauren. I decided it'd be a good idea to go to the beach where we were dancing between the water and the sand. It was tons of fun.

Friday, Adam was at work and Emily had gone to uni so I was lazying around in bed for half the day and was left to wandering around Sunderland by myself until Emily'd finished uni. I found a good cafe called 'Esquires' and sat day-dreaming about life and random things in general that whiz around a woman's mind all day. Then Emily came to meet me and we went shopping. When Adam finished work I made a meal and we sat munching until we were ready to go out again. Adam got some vouchers for being a long-term employee and so we set off to him spending them, cut to me gawping at the gigantic size of The Metro Centre in Newcastle; biggest shopping centre in Europe, I mean there are like 4 'malls' in there. Crazy.

Saturday, Emily and I were chilling out in bed until about 1pm. We decided to go tubing to Newcastle, well it's the Metro but we went underground like the London tube. I ended up following Emily everywhere because I had no idea where to go, I was also following her around because she was trying to look for a shop which we didn't find it until we were on our way out of Newcastle haha. We went into Next and were strutting around in different pairs of heels that we couldn't afford even though they looked nice. After a long hard day of doing nothing we sat collapsing in a heap on Adam's parents gorgeous sofa.

Sunday, I went to church with Adam and I was singing hymns that for some reason I really haven't heard of before, I think through the whole service I knew 1 song. I got chatting to a really nice girl called Beth who knows Emily. Then I sat listening to Relief Society teacher (it was weird being in Relief Society) and listening to the beautiful Testimony's given in the Sacrament meeting where everyone was sharing what they loved about the gospel. Then when I got home I sat praying that Emily and Adam would get home okay, once I realised they'd stopped at a services on the way back because Adam was so tired. Really dangerous!

Sorry it's so long it just makes up for the past few days that I've missed.

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