Sunday, 12 June 2011

I am Thankful I can Smell and Taste

Sunbeam Primary Lesson 20.

I was introduced at lesson 3, so I've taught them 18 lessons! How crazy is that? And yes I am counting right I did the Easter lesson from the end. But I suppose minus last weeks lesson because I wasn't there I've taught them 17.

Anyway, one most definite thing to remember when preparing this lesson is, take the foods with you that you want to try out on them, instead of leaving them at home on the sofa. I'd based most of my lesson around the items I was going to take in for them to eat... Ooops.

I got into church and had a mental check of all my little lovelies... I always seem to be missing two, which left me with the three little girls, who spur each other on all the time and if one does then the others have to do. But, Hope made me smile when she got into the chapel looked at me smiled loads and waved; I didn't know until later that for the past three weeks on Sunday's she's been asking her mum if she is going to see me that day, it's nice to feel loved.

I was going to ask them to taste lemon juice, sugar and salt... but I left everything at home like the daft head that I am so I was stuck with liquorice and creamy biscuits, and let's just say, I've finally found something that Hope doesn't like to eat and I'm talking big deal here people because this is coming from the child who eats crayons.

I'd also forgotten my perfume which didn't help because then they had nothing to smell so I had the lovely idea of getting them to go outside so they could smell the flowers, but it started raining so I panicked and got them to pick a flower from the bushes (I'm not proud of it), I couldn't have 3 year olds with no coats on running around the chapel in the rain.

I've invented story-time too, its a corner of the classroom where we all sit on the floor and I put the picture(s) up from the story that I have to tell them, it breaks the lesson down a bit and they see story time as a luxury so they usually behave. We were talking about the story of 'Gathering Manna' which apparently looks like rice but tastes like honey and Hannah said it sounded like her name so she started saying 'Hannah Manna' which was quite cute, and we all like honey.

All in all they were really good today, played up a little in sharing time but I think they calmed down for the lesson.

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