Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Money Tree

Oh how I bet we all wish we had one. I've got a full time wage this month and everything gets paid I still don't seem to have any money left... how does that work?

Well, the extra wage is being spent 'wisely' on hiring a van to get all my things from Cardiff to Bradford, more driving lessons and obviously giving a little extra to my mum and to my savings account and before you know it, you don't have any money left.

I tried to budget last month but note to every single woman who wants to go on a shopping spree when you get paid, don't. In fact wait until just before you get paid at the end of the month as a kind of luxury thing. Then you know what you need to buy. I've been thinking to myself this past month 'Oooh I'll buy this when I paid' and 'I'll buy that' but in the end it just goes back on things that need to paid that are more important.

Mainly, tithing, mum, dad, savings, phone, bus pass, driving lessons and finally I am going to get my phone screen fixed if I have any spare money at the end of the month. I've been saying I'll get it fixed for the last couple of months... or so.

I was going to buy materials for my skirt which my mum looked at and said would be possible to make so that sounds like it could be good fun. I might make a day trip out of it and go to Leeds Market where mum said the material would be cheapest. The only thing that worries her about the gypsy skirt is the ruffles where tier joins tier but we'll work it out. I'll show you my w.i.p :) Have a nice night lovely peoples.

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