Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's all so Lovely

According to a little girl in my class today, who shone brighter than a little star.

I was sat in Sacrament meeting and realised I was the only Primary Teacher so after the meeting I rushed up to Elizabeth and told her I'd take the younger ones in Primary, 3-6yr olds, and what an amazing time we had.

We had sharing time as usual and Gill came in and helped Elizabeth and I out and then it was time for the lesson. I'd kept it very basic because I usually have to spend half the lesson telling them to climb down off the chairs or asking them to stop running around, not forgetting that they always seem to want to strip off their shoes followed by their socks and today wasn't going to be an exception; at least I didn't think so.

My lesson was 'I Can Do Many Things'. We were talking about what types of things we can do as a baby and what types of things the children can do now and what things they can do when they are eventually my age. I asked who wanted to say the opening prayer and Eloise offered with no help, "Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for this lovely day and we thank you for our lovely primary teacher, Grace who is lovely, we ask that everyone will be good today, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen". I was like awwwww. She is a little gem.

We talked about having two fathers and I asked Eloise who her father was and she said "JONATHON!" or rather shouted it, then I asked who the father of our spirits was and she said "Heavenly Father". Then one of the other children said their daddy was in New Zealand, which is true, but I said they'd be so happy when they got to see him again. Then I passed around little pieces of paper asking all the children to do something, which got them hopping, spinning, doing cartwheels and jumping around the room. Then Ethan picked up a piece of paper that said "Hug Someone" and everyone came to hug me which was cute. Then when we were spinning around in a circle my skirt was puffing outwards and Eloise said "Grace you have a lovely skirt you look really lovely", then Hannah said "I like your skirt it looks really pretty you look really pretty today".

I clearly needed the compliments or something.

They were all little gems today, I didn't have to tell anyone off and my lesson was finished after about 20 minutes and because it was such good weather outside I got permission to take them onto the grass, but try looking after 6 crazy children, it's a bit hectic so Elizabeth had the amazing idea of going on a bear hunt around the edge of the car park, we didn't catch a bear though. It was amazing. Eloise's parents were outside as well and Eloise went running to her mum and said "Mummy, Grace said because we had been good and because she'd run out of lesson we could come outside" which was true. Bless her little golden heart.

We said the prayer outside and the children went back to their parents. As Eloise was leaving she said "Thank you Grace, you are a really lovely teacher and you look really lovely thank you". She then came to tell my mum afterwards too.

What beautiful children the world is blessed with. Yet, what a wicked world we live in.

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