Monday, 13 June 2011


Does anyone remember the TV series called 'Brum'? I can't even remember the plot or storyline or anything like that all I can remember is the little car called Brum haha. They don't make children's programmes like they used to!

I only mention brum because I've been trying to find a car of my own, I mean I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I am really starting to see good progress in my driving I just need to get on with my theory test :S I know most of it is common sense but still, my memory is useless.

Anyway, going back to looking for a car. I've decided that I most definitely know NOTHING about cars. I look at all the numbers and letters and bhp and kw and who knows what else and think. O_o whut? I need a serious car buyer who can haggle a good price for me because I am useless, and I want a small car but not too small, guaranteed to be taxi for a while. I preferably need a cheap-ish car to run too.

So, any ideas? Because I am totally stuck.

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