Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Green is the new Green

I love green!

I've always loved green, emerald green usually because it's just so GREEEEN!
So today I've been looking around for green everything. Dresses/Accessories/SHOES!/T's. There is a website I used to go on that'd give you a collage of your favourite items in the colours that you preferred and would tell you what items of clothing were in fashion at the time and what other colours would go with the ones you'd picked...

It was actually really useful but I've totally lost it. Nevermind. It's supposed to be coming up to Summer time and today we had a peek of what is hopefully to come but I read in the paper that showers from some ocean somewhere were on their way but this is Britain and I'm sorry peeps but right now I'd welcome a bit of rain! There I said it, so I take full responsibility if it actually does rain (in the next day or so).

What I also love about the colour emerald green or just green in general is that you can wear really plain/simple clothes like cream T with a bright green neckace and green bag and it looks really good. Of course, it might not look good on everyone because not everyone can look good in vibrant green. I know for a fact I look weird in UV green but my sister Emily looks amazing in it. I'm sure I heard somewhere that you should wear tops/accessories/make-up that compliment your eye colour which means for me... green, and brown, and yellow, and who knows what ever other colours my eyes decide to go in the day. I did have a photo somewhere that had me with vibrant green eye shadow on (sadly all my best make-up is still at my dads house, which will be rectified soon), so I'll try and find it and put it up.

On my green travels on google :) I came across this living room and it is just so GORGEOUS! I love it, I want to take it home and put it in my living room. The arm chairs are a bit bright but for reason it just all looks right and I love the large sun thingy in the background. The colours are gorgeous, now to transfer those colours from fabric on a sofa to fabric in a dress and t-shirt, oh and also to have the funds to buy what I would like to as well.

I am thinking of embarking on a little journey of buying a skirt pattern in town and buying some material and making my own skirt :D So watch this space. What better way to get a skirt that you like that to make it yourself?

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